Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Last Updated: 06/17/16
Welcome to our FAQ page. Here we list our most asked questions to provide easily accessible feedback. For any unanswered questions, please e-mail us at

• Do you make any of your packs in navy camouflage?
Yes, we make the #5016 Bugout and #5031 Three Day Pass in NWU Type I (blue/gray) under contract with NEXCOM. These are available exclusively at US Navy retail locations.

• How do I clean my pack?
Wipe your pack with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Use a mild hand soap and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Air dry upside down for drainage. DO NOT wash your pack in a washing machine as damage may occur to the pack or the machine itself. Also, the chemicals may deteriorate the fabric coating and void the lifetime warranty.

• What is your lifetime warranty?
Our lifetime warranty can be found here.

• Why does my bag have a Velcro strip?
The Velcro strip is the loop side of the hook and loop fastening closure system. It is used to attach any name tapes, patches, or any other accessories.

• Why do some packs have flaps over the Velcro strip and some do not?
These packs were designed to meet Near Infrared (NIR or IR) specifications. The IR-compliant Cordura® covers the Velcro strip/mesh pocket providing the same functionality as a non-IR pack.

• What are all those weaving strips of fabric for on my pack?

Those are an attachment system developed for military and tactical uses (M.O.L.L.E and P.A.L.S. compatible). It is used to attach additional gear and accessories.

• What is your lightest gear pack?

Our lightest Cordura® packs are the Streamline weighing 2.4 lbs. and the G.T.H. III that weights 2.6 lbs.

• Does the Bugout Bag offer laptop protection?
No, the #5016 Bugout does not include a padded compartment.

 Where are your bags manufactured?
All of the packs in our webstore are manufactured overseas. We also offer NAFTA and BERRY-made versions of most Gear Packs. For ordering information, contact us via e-mail at or call us at (619) 424-2222.

• Why isn’t the Tac Ruck E&E #5017 and Tac Ruck Expedition #5018 listed in your online store?
These models are discontinued and are no longer manufactured.

• What is “Bugout Gear?”
Bugout Gear was a brand name we used for our US military retail outlets. We are best known for our model #5016 Bugout Bag. All of our products now use the SOC brand.

• What is PG USA?
PiperGear USA is our sister company based in Chula Vista, California. PG USA offers options for manufacturing in the US and Mexico. PG USA offers product development including pattern and sample creation with the availability of manufacturing solutions to meet US Government contract requirements including GSA and Berry Amendment.

• What is Piper Gear?
Piper Gear is our recreational product line.

• What is Quickpack™?
The Quickpack™ products are travel accessories used to pack more efficiently. Our q-folders keep uniforms and clothes from getting wrinkled. Our flash pouches organize electronics, smaller items, and everything else into tiny zippered pouches. Our stuff sacks keep dirty clothes or shoes from contaminating your clean clothes.

• Where are you guys located?
Our home office is located in Chula Vista, CA. Shipping address: 687 Anita St. Suite A Chula Vista, California 91911 USA

• Where else can I buy your packs?
See our dealers list.

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